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For all of you who are interested in Machine Knitting a brief history of our knitting machine repair experience may be beneficial to you. I got involved in machine knitting and repairs back in 1990 by going into partnership with family and our shop and business was called Page Two, consisting of John Page who has over 50 years experience in machine knitting, Iris Page by profession was a seamstress and has a wealth of experience and garment construction, supported by their daughter who is talented in machine knitting, hand knitting, crocheting and garment construction and myself, John and Iris's son in law who specialised in all machine repairs.

Page Two started life in Ware, Herts. When John and Iris Page started importing Jandis yarn for distribution to retailers throughout the UK. John realised there was a gap in the market for a quality 2/30 Italian yarn, being an avid Passap double bed knitter. My wife and I joined the business as it outgrew the Ware location and we moved the business to Outwell, Norfolk.

Page Two had a reputation for running residential knitting courses giving tuition on all types of knitting machines including finishing garments and general tips. The school had its own fully equipped studio and bed and breakfast accommodation in addition a fully stocked retail shop. We soon outgrew these premises and moved to the Town of Wisbech. Our knowledge within machine knitting was considered to be the best in East Anglia and one of the best within the UK with people travelling from all over the country to attend our residential courses.

As the business grew it became apparent there was a need for knitting machine repairs and servicing as well as good sound unbiased advice. I took on this mantle and as we always insisted on a professional approach I trained with the major manufacturers such as Brother, Knitmaster, Passap, Toyota and Pfaff. We soon attracted repairs and servicing from all over the UK. With our fair and honest approach due to the fact we are all keen machine knitters the advice and service we gave was to a very high standard.

I have continued with knitting machine repairs and servicing even though the retail shops have now closed down, we now work from our home in Norwich. With the wealth of knowledge built up over the years I am able to offer an unrivalled service when it comes to repairs and all thing knitting machines.

We Repair - Brother, Knitmaster, Singer, Pfaff, Passap, Hague, Toyota Knitting Machines

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